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Troxel and Charles Owen Helmets

Troxel has become the world’s largest and most trusted certified equestrian helmet manufacturer. Over 111 years of operation Troxel's commitment to quality, safety and innovation remains a top priority. Troxel has the finest safety record in the equestrian helmet field and they continually engineer toward improvements.

Founded in Ohio USA in 1898 as a pioneering manufacturer of products for the bicycling industry, Troxel expanded and innovated in other areas including world leadership in the engineering of children’s car seats. The equestrian helmet company of Troxel branched off from its Troxel parent in 1992. With its strong experience and innovation capabilities, it quickly emerged as a leader within the helmet industry. Troxel has provided 3.5 million helmets to the equestrian market.

The Troxel brand fostered numerous safety innovations in its 111 year history. Its equestrian advances have included the creation of the first lightweight, ventilated ASTM approved equestrian helmet, GPS micro-adjustable fit system, Flip Fold™ fit system, Soft-Tip™ visors, and many more. Today, Troxel offers fifteen helmet models in thirty-nine different styles, including six new colors introduced last month.



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